On 12 April, the VALU3S consortium will meet one last time with the Horizon Results Booster for a short workshop on intellectual property registration. Let’s protect our outcomes!

A reliable intellectual property (IP) framework is the best way to harness creativity and enable research and development (R&D) projects to become known and innovative companies to grow. Without this protection of ideas, developments and/or products, these entities would not fully benefit from their inventions, and R&D would not be as active. Intellectual property rights therefore play a key role in promoting innovation and protecting investments. 

Bearing this in mind, on 12 April, the VALU3S project will be holding a small workshop on IP registration together with the Horizon Results Booster. This will be the last workshop to be held in conjunction with this support initiative backed by the European Commission. Specifically, the following topics will be covered briefly:
– Managing Intellectual capital & IPRs
– Forms of IP
– What is patentable
– Market Considerations
– Evaluation Methods
– Risk factors

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