The VALU3S project has the pleasue to announce to its following community that it is a sponsor of the STEADINESS – System Engineering and Dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems  workshop, which is one of three workshops that are part of the CPS Segment of HiPEAC 2022, taking place on the Januray 19th, 2022, in Budapest, Hungary.

This workshop is part of a three day segment with spotlights on bridging between contributing communities of Cyber-Physical Systems. Comprising ENHANCE, FORECAST & STEADINESS, the Segment overview is presented in the programs tab. STEADINESS encourages participation from system level communities including system modelling, validation and verification and the product lifecycle. Product-side and market influencers, such as from product-lines and policy making are also invited to participate.

STEADINESS seeks innovative contributions in the area of system engineering of CPS with HPC requirements, targeting highly parallel and heterogeneous computing platforms. In particular, papers covering the following topics (but not limited to) are welcome:

–   Languages and Compilers for CPS development with parallel and heterogeneous computing support
–   Dependable parallel runtimes
–   System modeling

For more details on how to submit to STEADINESS or to any of the remaing workshops of the CPS Segment can be consulted in HiPEAC’s programme webpage

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