In this video, Gurol Cokunlu, from OTOKAR, explains us the “Automated Robot Inspection Cell for Quality Control in Automotive“  use case within VALU3S project, which aims to provide a better fault-tolerant production system to achieve better quality control for body-white. Controlling the existence of 2500-3000 body parts is planned to be executed fully automatically by cartesian robot and camera sensor system, instead of manually by operators. Using the cad-data of the vehicle, developed software is deciding the safe robot trajectory points to check the existence of all parts. In this use case,  an automated fault and attack injection has been implemented,  specifically  for controlling  the  entire industrial  automated  line. Indeed, the existing Quality check processes are still very long and ineffective without advanced safety concept. VALU3S project has increased safety&security standard of the process and, as a consequence, the autonomy and productivity of the quality control system.

Watch video here.

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