Within the last General Assembly and Project Consortium Meeting in Gothenburg, the VALU3S 2nd Demonstrators session was held on 30 June 2022.

Each technology provider had the opportunity to show its own tool in action and demonstrate results achieved so far in the project. In parallel, use-case owners reported which activities has been carried out in each pilot and which improvements have been achieved so far.

At this link, a video report of the Demonstrator Session is available. We selected the following keywords to represent the event:

  • DISCUSS: the session has been first a good occasion to have fruitful discussions about project results and to make intense knowledge sharing;
  • PARTICIPATE: not only be present there, but being actively part of the event was a key factor for the success of the event;
  • SHOWCASE: within VALU3S, several outstanding tools and applications have been developed, indeed it was right to make partners showcasing result of the work;
  • DEMONSTRATE:  how the project solves end-user needs, this was definitely our mission;
  • COLLABORATE: most of results come from joint activities of several partners, and this is always a plus
  • TOGETHER: the organization and execution of the event would have not been possible without the contribution of every partners.

A 3rd Demonstrator Session is now planned for the next General Assembly. Besides tools, also the VALU3S repository will be finally showcased. 

Watch the video here.

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