We are happy to announce that CardioID (www.cardio-id.com) is now part of the VALU3S consortium. CardioID is a spin-off of Instituto de Telecomunicações and Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), born out of research on pattern recognition and machine learning methods applied to the study of biological signals (biosignals), especially the electrocardiogram (ECG). CardioID has created a technology that allows the ECG to be continuously acquired at the subject’s hands using dry electrodes, conductive textiles or other materials, enabling the development of innovative products, with particular focus on ECG-based biometrics. This requires the development of custom hardware and electronics that enhances the signal quality, under the constraints of a tight budget, but also robust signal processing algorithms. Our main areas of expertise are the acquisition and analysis of physiological signals, as well as the integration of multiple hardware and software components into a working product.

CardioID’s activities within the scope of the VALU3S project will be center around a use case that focuses on CardioWheel, the company’s offering for the automotive vertical – a steering wheel cover that acquires, in a non-intrusive way, the ECG of the driver, and triggers alerts of driver-change and drowsiness. Besides all the interesting and relevant technical challenges that CardioID brings the only cross-domain use case in the project, and will allow the company to learn procedures, methods and analysis of V&V, adding a strong security component across all of our products and systems, eliminating possible vulnerabilities in the interoperability of systems.

Welcome onboard!

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