In this video, Bernd Bredehorst (PUMACY) explains us the Human-Robot-Interaction in semi-automatic assembly process use-case within VALU3S project.

This use-case is  based  on  a  Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) process  taking  place  on  the  shop  floor  of  a manufacturing-like environment. The process itself involves the execution of assembly tasks by human workers focusing on  the assembly of transformer units which  consist  of  multiple  parts.  HRI systems have to manage the coordination between  humans  and  robots  according  to  the  safety requirements  for collaborative  industrial robot  systems defined by several standards (e.g. ISO  10218-2:2011). VALU3S tool ensures that verification and validation of safety requirements is performed through the simulation of the use-case.

Watch the video here.

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