One of the objective of the VALU3S project is to revisit and identify the weaknesses of relevant safety and security standards and develop a concrete strategy to influence the development of new standards. Standardisation is therefore central to the project and thus several efforts are being made by the partners, including the organization of a series of internal training sessions focused on standards that are relevant for the topics of the project.
The training session was held on the on the 16th of December 2021 and addressed two standards:
– ISO/SAE 21434 Road vehicles — Cybersecurity engineering, whose purpose is to ensure that OEMs and all participants in the supply chain have structured processes in place that support a “Security by Design” process.
– ISO/DPAS 5112 Road vehicles — Guidelines for auditing cybersecurity engineering, whose purpose is to to help organizations to audit the cybersecurity achieved for their own organization and along the supply chain.

As usual, the training session was recorded and will be made available in our YouTube channel and project website, and will also be announce in our usual channels. If these standards are relevant for you, stay tuned.

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