On March 10th the VALU3S consortium attended the Business Plan Development Workshop provided by Horizon Results Booster, an initiative created by the European Commission to support the dissemination, exploitation and development of business plans of European funded projects. This Workshop was given as part of the application made by VALU3S for Service 2, entitled as the workshop itself to improve its existing business plan.

During the interactive morning lecture, the consortium received tailor-made training and support with one of its key exploitable results, namely the web-based repository that is being developed and populated with cutting-edge V&V methods and tools. More precisely, emphasis was put on market analysis, business strategy, operations plans and competitor identification and analysis. To this end, the web-based repository was characterized, identifying its value with respect to current solutions on the market, potential stakeholders and analysing the most suitable go-to-market approach.
Overall, the workshop provided all attendees with a holistic view of the business plan, which they can later use in their individual exploitation.

If you found these sessions useful, stay tuned, more news will be coming soon!

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