Exploitation of results is key to any research project. This may result in the use of the outcomes for further research activities or in the actual development, creation and commercialisation of a product or service. Within this scope, VALU3S expects to develop and apply its own exploitation strategy to facilitate the successful exploitation and adoption of results and benefits within V&V methods and tools to reduce the time and cost required to verify and validate automated systems against SCP requirements.

To define this detailed exploitation strategy, VALU3S already last year organised an internal workshop among all its partners together with the Horizon Results Booster, a support initiative backed by the European Commission to maximise the impact of funded research projects, for the development of its final exploitation plan. Now, on 10 March, VALU3S is organising a second workshop with the Horizon Results Booster on bringing project results closer to the market by developing an effective business plan, and by preparing to secure appropriate funding for the implementation of project results.

Specifically, a tailor-made training and support will be provided around:

  • market analysis,
  • business strategy,
  • operations plan,
  • competitor identification and analysis,
  • action plan to be implemented by the project and an estimation of time to market

We look forward to seeing you!

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