VALU3S has been up and running for five months and now it’s time for another consortium meeting. On September 30 and October 1, 41 partners from 10 countries will gather in a virtual meeting to provide an update on the project’s status and review the plan for the rest of the year.

 The VALU3S project started up in May 2020 with the aim to design a multi-domain framework for verification and validation (V&V) of automated systems as well as to improve the time and effort needed to conduct V&V processes. Now, five months into the process, it is time for the 2nd consortium meeting to review and report on how the work has progressed since it was started as well as to go through the results obtained.

An important part to review, is the update of the validation and verification framework made during the autumn. Through a screening and detailing of the project’s different work domains (Automotive, Agricultural, Railway, Healthcare, Aerospace and Industrial robotics / automation) as well as use cases, the project is today a little closer to a framework for system verification and validation.

With a good mix of partners from industry, research institutes and universities from 10 different countries, VALU3S looks forward to a meeting with many fruitful discussions and good outcomes.

Stay tuned, we are getting to the heart of the VALU3S project!
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